Friday, October 30, 2015

Soil Health Workshop Invitation


"Earthworm is the pulse of the soil, healthier the pulse, healthier the soil" - Dr. Sultan Ahmed Ismail
'Healthy soil nurtures healthy seeds. Outcome: Healthy food and a healthy society'- Sangita Sharma, Organic Farmer

Join us in an interactive hands-on workshop on what makes our soil tick! How do you analyze soil? Vermiculture-breeding earthworms is now touted as a healthy alternative. But how does one deploy the creature's skill? This dynamic training workshop focuses on measuring and improving soil health through holistic, adaptive and data-driven soil management. New-age farmers are increasingly hearing about how using no-till and cover crops will help benefit soil health. But, what actually is the underlying process will be addressed in this workshop.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Urban farmers, garden enthusiasts, horticulturists, scientists working on sustainable gardening and farm issues.

DID YOU KNOW that 3,500 species of earthworms exist in the world, of which more than 500 species of earthworms have been identified in India. Earthworm species thrive in varied soil types and choosing a local or native species of earthworm for the local soil and for fermi-composting is an important step.

ABOUT DR. SULTAN AHMED ISMAIL, Managing Director of Eco-Science Research Foundation (ERF), is a Chennai-based treasure trove on Earthworms. An ecologist of International repute who unravels each day user-friendly methods on soil health management. Biodiversity of soil organisms and bio-energetics of earthworm populations in natural and interfered ecosystems are key thoughts he propagates. We are proud to share that he is Annadana's trustee too.
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