Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Seeds of hope - 2014

'With the opening of the New Year, all the closed portals of limitations will be thrown open and we shall move through them to vaster fields, where all our worthwhile aspirations and dreams be fulfilled'

Seen below - A Carrot flower which will transform itself to produce over million Seeds of Carrots. 
The magic and abundance of nature.

We continue to mutlipy seeds to sow seeds of consciousness.

Come join us in the joy of understanding nature and secure her for our overall well-being

Warm wishes for 2014 from Team Annadana

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Apple Cider Vinegar my miracle healant

 This miracle drink Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is what got my blood sugar levels back to normal several years back. My doctor was shocked and wondered how I  managed to bring it back to normal. So were my family and friends! Well, I must confess I also changed my lifestyle, watched what I ate, exercised and drank this super health tonic. I am back to normal and still continue with it.

I see so many suffering from various ailments, hence I could not resist but share my experience. One tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar in luke warm water on an empty stomach is a sure shot detox and healant. It can help stimulate cardiovascular circulation and help detoxify the liver. 

For weight loss ACV will certainly aid it. For daily weight management, add 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to 16 ounces of water. This concoction can be sipped throughout the day. Data shows that a daily sustained intake of acetic acid, main ingredient in ACV has proven good results. In a 2009 study published in Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry, it was found that subjects that consumed acetic acid for 12 weeks experienced significant declines in body weight, abdominal fat, waist circumference and triglycerides. Triglycerides contribute to the bad cholesterol that we want to avoid. 

If you are immunities are weak, sip some a few times a day for a natural boost of energy. It works like magic.
ACV can balance your entire body’s internal system. The body constantly strives to achieve a state of equilibrium. ACV helps the body maintain a healthy alkaline pH level. Research shows that higher acid levels (lower pH level) leads to a lack of energy and higher incidences of infection.

As for your lymphatic system.....This miracle vinegar helps to break up mucous throughout the body and cleanse the lymph nodes. Believe it or not, research suggests that apple cider vinegar can help with allergies because of its ability to reduce mucous and sinus congestion. When reducing the effects of allergies, it can also help stave off sinus infections and their related symptoms, such as sore throats and headaches. 

ACV can help reduce heartburn: Though it might seem like an oxymoron to treat stomach acid with an acid-containing vinegar, there is research suggesting that apple cider vinegar works by correcting low acid, hence reducing heartburn. Natural remedy experts say you should begin to feel relief very shortly after taking a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar followed by a glass of water. Note that apple cider vinegar will not give relief if you have an ulcer. 

For foodies like me who love cooking ...add a tablespoon of ACV into your dals, curries,if you are cooking chicken, mutton, it will aid in cooking the meat faster bring out all the nourishment from the bones which otherwise remains locked in.

Over the years now, I have been recommending this to people coming in my path with various ailments. For them it is a MUST have. In India you can get some good brands at organic outlets. The organic brands best recommended are Bragg. Last option resort to Heinz, it not organic, not so effective but to start with its ok. Check out people's expereinces in this link: http://amzn.to/HzCGnL

 But here in London, I find a brand called Ostlers ‘Cloudy Cider Vinegar’ which is raw, unpasteurised containing ‘The Mother’ which is full of good living bacteria and active enzymes. It has a far soothing effect, rather smooth when compared to the one’s that I have been buying in India! 
However, I've since discovered so many other useful ways to incorporate apple cider vinegar (ACV) in my lifestyle. It's effective for pretty much anything—good for your skin, your hair, the best chemical free spray for your house, and useful to remove fleas from your pets  who can benefit from its nourishing properties.

And whilst researching,  I find this article in Huffington Post that sings AVC's praises and endorses all that i shared above...  http://huff.to/169qTkJ

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

An enterprising initiative called 'Dakshi Pete' founded by Do Bandar make farm fresh organic foods, heirloom seeds and toileteries from a select organic group available. Founders Kaavya Nag and Mayura kadur have been planning this for a bit now, so as to ensure  their hand-picked organic partners, a beautiful ambience with quality at its core. Here, Annadana makes available its wide range of heirloom vegetable seeds and organic vegetables through Buffalo Back, a quaint organic retail store on the 20th Oct 2013 at Chavdi,4th block Jayanagar, Bangalore. 

For more details ......please read below, spread the word, Join us and enjoy chemical free foods

For more information, please log on to www.dakshinpete.wordpress.com


Dakshi Pete, or South Market, a new initiative to make good and sustainable practices a part of South Bangalore, will premier on the 20th of October, at Chavdi,4th block Jayanagar.

Dakshin Pete is scheduled to take place once a month, and make natural, fresh, and organic foods from in and around our city available to the people of South Bangalore. 
Organized by the founders of Do Bandar: Mayura Kadur and Kaavya Nag; and their friend and sustainability expert, Mahima Vijendra,  
Please find below a short note, along with photographs of the venue. 
We look forward to seeing you there! 
Team Dakshin Pete 


Dakshin Pete simply means south market, and represents good practices in our daily lives.
The vision for this Pete is to take to the people some of the region’s best local, fresh and sustainable products and produce, once a month. An opportunity to reconnect with the earth; with local produce that is free from preservatives, harsh chemicals, and artificial colours, and enjoy the company of other like-minded folks!
Why Dakshin Pete?
Simple. A few of us friends who grew up in South Bangalore have wanted to start this venture for a while now, so here it is!
Dakshin Pete showcases a collection of the best artisan bakes, fresh finger foods, and local produce from around our city, and sometimes from afar too! The venue is befitting of the old-world charm of Bangalore – you’ll fall in love with it when you come here!
Date: 20th October 2013, from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm
Where: Chavdi, 719/25, 10th A Main, 4th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore 560011
What we have on offer:
Right from Durga’s artisan organic and whole-grain bakes, to the tastiest honey you’ve ever eaten (honestly) - Nectora; from Suguna’s awesome baked delights – Bon Bon, to Sanju’s mouth watering signature foods, chivdas and chutney pudis; fresh organic fruits, vegetables and millets from Buffalo Back; Annadana’s organic seeds; Sanju’s mouth watering, signature sabudana khichdi and chivda, and Do Bandar’s local and hand-crafted soaps; Millie’s wholesome and healthy nut cheese, and farm fresh peanuts, grapefruit and tamarind.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Look out for Annadana Organic Value Seed Packs exclusively available at Buffalo Back 
stall on 25th August 2013:

Annadana introduces Combo Value Heritage Seed Packs and Companion Vegetable Seed Packs which are carefully-selected with exciting combinations of different vegetable varieties best suited for urban home gardens.
 For instance, our Salad Splendor Combo Pack includes a healthy mix of lettuce, tomato, cucumber and capsicum; while the Veggie Delight pack contains brinjal, beans, okra, chilly and tomato. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Annadana Seed Catalogue 2013

We are happy to share Annadana's seasons collection  of time tested organic vegetable seed diversity in our Seed Catalogue 2013. Our attempts have been to make our catalogue user friendly showcasing the diversity of varieties conserved with technical details like sowing, germination time, yields, origin and nutritional value.

You may download our catalogue from our website  along with the seed selection form to order seeds of your choice.  Your contribution is ploughed back to sustain our efforts.

Our membership packages for 2013 can be downloaded from our website- www.annadana-india.org

We introduce Annadana's Home Gardener's Guide (HGG). This is made available in a CD format through subscriptions of membership in the home gardener package 

About HGG - As the name suggests this is a step to step guide on growing your own vegetables be it on your balcony or kitchen garden. Apart from this we provide tips on companion cropping along with a chart of how this natural eco-science can help deter unwanted pests and make gardening fun. We also share techniques on how you can make your own vegetable enzymes and kitchen compost.

HGG is made possible, thanks to the undettered efforts of Annadana team, volunteers and interns. 

We look forward to your feedback to help serve you and our environment better