Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Annadana Seed Catalogue 2013

We are happy to share Annadana's seasons collection  of time tested organic vegetable seed diversity in our Seed Catalogue 2013. Our attempts have been to make our catalogue user friendly showcasing the diversity of varieties conserved with technical details like sowing, germination time, yields, origin and nutritional value.

You may download our catalogue from our website  along with the seed selection form to order seeds of your choice.  Your contribution is ploughed back to sustain our efforts.

Our membership packages for 2013 can be downloaded from our website-

We introduce Annadana's Home Gardener's Guide (HGG). This is made available in a CD format through subscriptions of membership in the home gardener package 

About HGG - As the name suggests this is a step to step guide on growing your own vegetables be it on your balcony or kitchen garden. Apart from this we provide tips on companion cropping along with a chart of how this natural eco-science can help deter unwanted pests and make gardening fun. We also share techniques on how you can make your own vegetable enzymes and kitchen compost.

HGG is made possible, thanks to the undettered efforts of Annadana team, volunteers and interns. 

We look forward to your feedback to help serve you and our environment better

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