Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Feedback after the launch of "My right to safe food" for a GM free India and film "Poison on the Platter" screened in Bangalore by Mahesh Bhatt

Greetings from "MY RIGHT TO SAFE FOOD"

Thank you for your support extended to make this launch an eventful and successful one.

I have enclosed article links with reviews of the film and for the launch. We have received good coverage in almost all of the print media throughout India. Healthy coverage also in the local Kannada dailies.

The biodiversity displayed by Annadana was for a purpose that should Genetic Modified (GM) foods come in, we lose this fraction of biodiversity and more! Mahesh Bhatt, Ajay Kanchan and many others could not believe the biodiversity displayed, they thought it was unreal as they had never seen 12 varieties of tomatoes ranging the most unusual colours, 9 of capsicums, 6 of okra, 4 of brinjals, 4 varieties of watermelon, 5 of zuchinnis, brocolis and more......

In India, there are 56 crops undergoing GM trials which is why the urgency to raise our voice against GM crop trials and GM FOODS. We must demand a BAN on GM foods. Both organic and conventional crops will soon disappear completely with the onslaught of GM crop trials. Do not think for a moment that you are safe eating organic foods after GM foods are released. Once the GM gene is released into our environment, we are headed for a major catastrophe.

Our next action - We now strive towards an education awareness programme to fulfill requests pouring in for screening of the film in schools, institutes, hospitals, hotels, armed forces, IT companies and industry. Overall we have recieved a healthy response, please continue to support this endeavor with an urgency. Our Right to Safe Food rests with us.

Should you wish to screen the film at gatherings, schools, institutes, forums, assembly please do not hesitate to contact me. Please write to myrrighttosafefood@gmail.com. Copies of the DVD's will be available with us shortly.

Please bear with us, as we are in the process of making copies. We would appreciate that as your contribution to the cause and enable us to equip those who may not be able to afford the DVD, each copy should cost us Rs 100 only.

Kannada translations as in sub titles suggested for the film "Posion on the Platter" by several is an extremely good idea. This has been put forward to the film director Ajay Kanchan and we will revert back on this.

Please view the links....
Ground Reality: Say no to GM food, for it's poison: Bhatt
By Devinder Sharma
Food policy analyst Devinder Sharma says genetically modified Bt Brinjal is likely to enter the market in May. Noted film-maker Mahesh Bhatt released his documentary `Poison on the platter' and launched a My Right Safe Food campaign in ...
Ground Reality - http://devinder-sharma.blogspot.com/



Page 18 - Modified palate?
Page 21 -All Rounder

Coverage for "poison on the platter" and "myrighttosafefood" today's article in Deccan Herald - Metrolife on the move....called " Bhatt for a Right"



In solidarity

Sangita Sharma

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