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Note - National Consultation on Bt Brinjal in Bangalore on 06 February, 2010

Greetings from " My Right to Safe Food"

Please read below, mark this crucial date as we need to ensure that we all gather with the same gusto, drawing inspiration from the roaring success of the public consultations already taken place in 6 States.

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After hearing a large number of farmers, social activists, scientists, doctors, representatives of NGOs and farmers and consumer organisations for more than two-and-a-half hours (a majority of them arguing against Bt brinjal and GM crops), Mr. Jairam Ramesh said he would announce his decision on the first GM food crop in the country on February 10.

“My decision won’t be influenced by any quarter, including scientists, NGOs, agriculture universities or Monsanto. Neither is there any pressure from the PMO nor the Prime Minister. My decision will be fair and judicious, and will be based purely on the outcome of consultations,” he said.

I am sure Mr Jairam Ramesh will stand to his word by not only being fair and judicious but a Wise and Just Minister, doing our Nation proud.

In solidarity

Sangita Sharma
Dear Sir / Madam,

Sub: National Consultation on Bt Brinjal at Bangalore on 06 February, 2010.

This has reference to the subject mentioned above and our previous communications to your office.

The above consultation has been scheduled as per the details below:


06 February, 2010


10:00am to 2.00pm
Jnana Jyoti Auditorium
Central College Campus
Palace Road, Near Mysore Bank
Bangalore - 560 001

We request you to circulate this information among the various groups/stakeholders regarding this programme. For more information about this programme kindly visit our website URL

Thanking you,

Ishwar C. Poojar
Programme Coordinator

> Centre for Environment Education
> #143, Kamala Mansion
> Infantry Road, Bangalore- 560 001
> Ph: 080-22869094/22869907/22868037/39
> Fax: 080-22868209
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