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Aspartame the Sweet Deception

Greetings from "My Right to Safe Food"

An article that appeared in DNA newspaper on Aug 5th 2010 " Sugar substitutes are not all bad' by Dr Rajeshwari Kanakiraman, is nothing but Sweet deception. I have been receiving calls/ emails from safe food campaigners to counter the claims made by Dr Rajeshwari and to give consumers safe informed choices. Hence, this attempt to share my perspective based on scientific facts/ links given below. After which i leave this to the readers and to their better judgment.

Dr Rajeshwari happens to be a endocrinologist and diabetologist from a reputed hospital in Bangalore is misleading innocent consumers. Her facts needs be corrected. Only an an ignoramus endocrinologist will endorse artificial sweeteners and encourage the usage to diabetics and dieters. No wonder we breed a sick society where doctors like her endorse such dangerous excitotoxins as safe. The damage is there to see with India being rated as a diabetic capital in the world. 40.9 million people in India are diabetic. By the year 2025 there will be 7 million new diabetic cases in the world to quote International Diabetic Federation Findings & WHO

It is quite concerning and disturbing that doctors like her fail to keep abreast nor carry out in depth research before lending their voice. By promoting industrial toxic foods, the well being of fellow human beings is of least consequence. I have also addressed this earlier alerting consumers on Aspartame in Sugar Free and Diet soda. Hope these potent links baring out significant truths by reputed doctors repairs this incorrect information and damage.


2. Another revelation in this link from a leading newspaper An Overdue Ban On A Dangerous Sweetener by Samuel S. Epstein (Cancer prevention expert, professor emeritus at the University of Illinois in Chicago Posted: August 3, 2009 03:01 PM)

For more details on the story of how aspartame made it through the FDA approval process despite warning signs of potential health hazards and alleged scientific fraud, please watch the 60-Minutes report, as Wallace does a nice job of summarizing an otherwise long story.

Your Brain on Aspartame

In the Sweet Misery video above, Dr. Russell Blaylock, a recently retired board-certified neurosurgeon and author of the book Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills, says that because aspartame is "a poison that affects protein synthesis; affects how the synapses operate in the brain, and affects DNA, it can affect numerous organs. So you can get many different symptoms that seem unconnected."

He's referring to a Department of Health and Human Services report that categorizes 10,000 adverse reaction reports logged by the FDA (Department of Health and Human Services Quarterly Report on Adverse Reactions Associated with Aspartame Ingestion, DHHS, Washington, DC, October 1, 1986), published here in a 24-page primer on aspartame by Donald Harkins [ix], the former editor and publisher of the Idaho Observer.

Two years prior to that, a CDC MMWR dated November 2, 1984 [x] , discusses several hundred adverse reaction reports received, and at that time, the majority -- 67 percent - of complainants also reported neurological/behavioral symptoms.Some of the most commonly reported neurological symptoms include: *Headaches*Changes in behavior or mood *"Fuzzy" thinking*Seizures *Depression[xi]



Some excerpts from this link

There is so much evidence showing aspartame to be a potentially deadly agent that several prominent, well-educated doctors and even judges have written books on the subject. Victoria Inness-Brown’s family was addicted to diet soda. After researching the effects of aspartame, she strongly believed the artificial sweetener might one day lead to their illness or even their early deaths. So she decided to perform her own aspartame experiment -- with 108 rats for 2 years and 8 months. Daily, she fed some of the rats the equivalent, for their body weight, of two-thirds the aspartame contained in 8-oz of diet soda. Eleven of the females who took aspartame -- 37 percent -- developed tumors, some of massive size. learn more

Sold commercially under names like NutraSweet, Equal, Spoonful, Equal-Measure and Canderel, aspartame can be found in more than 6,000 products, including:

Diet sodas, juice drinks, and flavored waters
Chewing gum
Table-top sweeteners
Diet and diabetic foods
Breakfast cereals, such as Fiber One
Fiber supplements, such as orange flavored Metamucil
Jams and Sweets
It’s even found in vitamins, as well as prescription and over the-counter drugs such as Alka Seltzer Plus, and some Tylenol medications.

Need I say more, this is the assault in our food chain. Wake up before its too late.

In solidarity

Sangita Sharma

here are few excerpts from Dr Blaylock on the politics behind promoting artificial sweeteners -

Mike: What about the American Diabetes Association? Given that aspartame actually promotes obesity, based a lot of the work you've uncovered, I find it curious that the ADA so strongly supports aspartame.

Dr. Blaylock: I don't, considering they receive huge amounts of money from the makers of aspartame. They fund their walk-a-thon and all that kind of stuff, so they get tremendous amounts of money from the makers of aspartame, and money talks.

Whether they're just deluding themselves and choosing not to believe it's toxic, refusing to look at the evidence, or they're just concerned about the money and could care less, I don't know, but when you look at the pathophysiology of diabetes and the effect of aspartame, it's absolute nonsense for anybody who has diabetes to be on aspartame. Particularly in a neurological aspect, it's going to make it a lot worse.

Mike: What about other popular chemical sweeteners like sucralose in Splenda?

Dr. Blaylock: There's really not a lot of research in those areas. They have some basic research, like with Splenda, showing thymus suppression. If that holds up in other research, it's a major concern. If you're suppressing the thymus gland in a child, that's affecting the future of their immune function. You can increase everything from autoimmunity to producing immune-related diseases, to infections and cancers. The implications of thymus gland suppression are enormous.

There have been reports of miscarriages associated with Splenda in experimental animals. The problem is, we don't have a lot of well-conducted studies on Splenda to ferret these things out, and they're not going to do them. The best way to protect your product is to never test it, or just to set up some phony tests and report it in a journal that's friendly to your point of view.

That's what they did with certain vaccines. They did thousands of phony studies and waved them around, claiming nothing was found. You can design any study to find whatever you want. Particularly, you can design it to have negative results. That's the easiest thing to do.

Mike: We've got government health officials telling us mercury is safe and we've got big business telling us both aspartame and MSG are safe. It sounds like every poison in the food supply or in organized medicine is perfectly safe.

Dr. Blaylock: We did that with lead. When they first started questioning the safety of lead, the levels they said were safe were just enormously high, and then a mere 10 years later, suddenly we're finding out that lead is toxic at 10 micrograms/L. In the '60s, they were fighting over the same thing. The defenders of gasoline-added lead were saying lead wasn't toxic, except in extremely high doses. Then neuroscience literature was contradicting them, but nobody would listen. Finally, the weight of the evidence was so overwhelming that they found extremely low concentrations of lead were toxic and accumulate in the brain.

It's the same thing with mercury. Mercury is even more poisonous than lead. An infant is getting 150 times the dose of mercury than the EPA safety limits. A hundred times higher than the FDA safety limits. Here's a little baby that's getting 150 times higher a dose than the EPA says is safe for an adult.

Mike: What are the big points readers to take away? What do you think they need to remember in order to protect themselves?

Dr. Blaylock: You need to abstain from all of these things. Aspartame is not a necessary nutrient, and neither is MSG. The weight of the evidence is overwhelming. If you want to avoid obesity, metabolic syndrome, neurodegenerative diseases and cancer, and if you don't want to make your cancer more aggressive, then you need to stay away from these products.

The damage affects pregnant women, unborn babies and newborns. It can produce changes in the brain that are irreversible, depending on when it is stopped. What we've found is that it reprograms.

The Truth About Aspartame, MSG and Excitotoxins the wiring of the brain, particularly the hypothalamus, so it doesn't function normally. These children are abnormal for the rest of their lives in terms of their physiological function.

Mike: Well, hopefully the weight of this evidence will someday become overwhelming, and government regulators will listen to you.

Dr. Blaylock: The pressure on researchers is so enormous. Dr. Trocho came out with his research about the DNA damage by aspartame. Then his career was assaulted by the makers of aspartame. He said he would never do another research project concerning aspartame. Well, a number of researchers have said the same thing. Once they published their results, the full weight of these companies come down on their head. NutraSweet will contribute millions to a university and threaten to pull their donations if someone isn't quieted.

Mike: So there's blatant scientific censorship at work here.

Dr. Blaylock: There's blatant, and then there's just understood. You have NutraSweet manufacturers donating several million dollars to your university. The director of that laboratory, or the president of the university, will just quietly let them know that they'd really like to see such negative research come to a stop.

The biochemical editor of the Chemical Abstracts Service, Dr. John Yiamounuyiannis, went through that with fluoride. They fired him because he refused to be quiet about fluoride toxicity, and they had just received this huge grant from Colgate-Palmolive. His supervisor said, "We'll lose our grant if you don't get quiet about fluoride." He wouldn't, and they fired him. Researchers know this.

Mike: I want to commend you for being willing to stand up and tell the truth about all of this. I think you're doing a great, positive service to public-health.

Dr. Blaylock: You're the one doing the service, because you're putting the word out there. Without you, I would just be sitting in a room fussing at the walls. It's people like you that get this word out and let people know what's going on in the world.



  1. I agree. It is time we raise our voices and save our children and ourselves by sharing the facts and taking proper action before it is too late.

    Interested persons may pl. see the video -Sugar : A bitter truth ( understand more.

    Gananath S N

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