Thursday, June 14, 2012

This change from 'My right to safe food' to 'Our right to safe food' has long been over due. The contamination in our food chain leaves me in despair when almost every home has an invasion of a life threatening disease. We need you to stand with us as we defend our food chain from disease through repeated assaults.

Here at Annadana, we continue in our endeavors to focus on workshops, consultancy and lobbying so that people from all walks of life are educated on the issues of safe food and sustainable farming. We need your help to keep our children safe, healthy and inherit an earth that is pristine and clean. We need your hands to support us in our quest for a fairer world.

You can help in any one or more of these ways –

Ishana Farm Trails – Take a break from the urban jungle and come visit our farm. Discover the pleasures of feeling the moist soil beneath your bare feet, the smell of fresh rural air and the sounds of a working farm. You can even lend a hand on the farm if you wish – a fantastic educational experience for all ages – kids as well as their grandparents! For further details and bookings, please email us at or call 08277116606, 080 23254400 .
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Soil to Seed to Plate
– Not quite confident of growing your own veggies? Fear not…Annadana to the rescue! For a small charge, we will help you grow your own fruit and veg at home – regardless of whether your kitchen garden is one window sill, a few pots in the balcony or a lovely large patch in the back garden. You will even get a starter pack to help you in the path to food independence. Call
08277116606, 080 23254400 for further details.

 The Seed membership - Gift a membership to a friend, family or loved one – after all, the gift of a seed is the gift of a life. We have various membership packages with bio-diversity gift packs and information that will allow you to become a bio-diverse farmer yourself! Your membership will go towards supporting our committed farmers and preserving our seed heritage. Please view our website

 GYO veggies
– Grow Your Own pesticide free fruit and veg – straight from your garden onto your plate. Please download Annadana Seed Catalogue 2012 from our website which offers a diverse collection of heritage organic vegetable seeds. Select what you want to grow, fill up the seed selection form and send it to us at :"  Simple!

 Safe Farming advisory services
- Wish to live in the luxury of your own farm and make it productive. Your land may be lying vacant but you do not know how to get started? Trust us, farming is no rocket science, if we can do it so can you!  Our expertise ranges from advising private farms, resorts, hotels, government horticulture farms, botanical gardens to International Institutions to suit any agro -climatic zone. We take an integrated holistic approach as Soil and Seeds are sacred to us. Our qualified team and farmer teachers are armed with experience and knowledge.  Just call an Annadana farm expert who will offer you a consultancy advice and help you getting started. For further details  -write to or call
08277116606, 080 23254400

Come join us to celebrate the greatness of food, its emergence out of the vital essences of the earth and its intimate connection with all life.

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