Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Ensure access to safe food, sign petition

Dear Friends,

You might have watched the last episode of Satyamev Jayate - “Toxic Food - Poison on our Plate” aired on 24 June 2012, Sunday, anchored by Bollywood icon, Aamir Khan, which highlighted how the food that we consume everyday is contaminated by dangerous pesticides. But what are you doing about it? “India for Safe Food“offers you a platform. Join us to urge the Union Agriculture Minister to ensure access to safe food, sign petition here:

The reality is that farming can indeed be done without pesticides and still can yield good results. “Non- Pesticide Management (NPM)” movement in Andhra Pradesh through which millions of farmers are moving out of the pesticides treadmill is a live testimony for the country to emulate. Further, thousands of organic/natural farmers across the country have been producing safe food in the country. All of these are win-win situations for both farmers and consumers.

For all of us to get access to safe food, there needs to be a drastic change in the way agriculture is practised. We have to get rid of dangerous chemicals from food production. But the government does not create a level playing field between chemical agriculture and alternative agriculture in terms of its investments on research or extension or other support systems/incentives in agriculture. Ask Union Agriculture Minister to change this situation and ensure access to safe food for all Indians. Sign the petition here.

Safe food is our right – let’s demand for it!

In solidarity,

Kavitha Kuruganti
India for Safe food

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