Sunday, April 26, 2009

Earth Day Exclusive: Session on Genetically Modified Food at Perot Systems, Whitefield

Greetings from "My RIGHT TO SAFE FOOD"

We were most delighted and highly appreciative of the concerted efforts, steered by Shobha Nagathihalli to screen the recent updated film "Poison on the Platter" and followed by a 25 min speech by Sangita Sharma on "Indian versus Global Scenario on GM foods" to the P.S green Ambassadors (Preserving & Sustaining the Environment) of Perot Systems, a leading software corporate on 22nd April at 11.30am.

On the occasion of the World Earth Day, special invites ( see below) were sent to the PS Green Ambassadors by an energised team comprising of Rima Mukherjee and Namrata Shetty where efforts were made to link the talk via a video conference to headquarters, to reach the PS Green Ambassadors in their network.

A special display of Annadana collection of Open Pollinated Seeds decorated by varieties of red and yellow freshly grown corn (from Ishana Farms) provoked much interest. Host of books displaying biodivesity that will be lost should GM crops enter our fields. Handouts of booklets -MY RIGHT TO SAFE FOOD, along with car stickers, consumer alerts were part of the display.

Sangita Sharma addressed an auditorium packed audience, pleasantly surprised even the organising team, given such short notice. The concerns shown by
their sheer presence was very encouraging. The concerns and questions raised soon after were clarified to an alert audience and the way forward.
The follow up thereafter led to a pristine arrangement of lunch with a special note of thanks to Shobha, Sujata Puranik Rakhra and Sanjay Ketkar.

A Refreshing outcome

1. A list of all alerts, handouts via email will be circulated on "My Right to Safe Food" to all employees.
2. Stickers on SAY NO TO GM FOODS given to PS Green Ambassadors to put on their vehicles
3. Employees were requested to contribute by keeping us informed if they knew of any gathering to carry forward our awareness campaign.
4. Volunteers have come forward to help us in our campaign by distributing the material on GM foods to their families, co workers and friends.
5. PS Green team took the responsibility of getting the petition to the PM signed by the employees.
6. There will be GM posters and articles posted on the information board of the company's library.
7. A suggestion put forth by Sangita on directly linking the farmers produce to the inhouse consumers was taken well onboard.
Attempts to pursue a "Syndicate Buying" to ascertain the response and quantities.
8. It was suggested that perhaps a weekly stall on organic produce be made available on the premises to encourage safe foods.
9. An interest was shown to transform half an acre in their premises to an organic vegetable and herbs garden to make available to the staff.
These areas were shown to us by a very keen Shobha, striving to carry the message of safe foods and along with the PS green ambassadors a proposal will be
send out to a receptive management for clearances along with small budget allocations. Support will be extended by Annadana on making this effort viable.
10. Mr Naga Siddharth approached Sangita to propose on a monthly green activity for the employees with his team of PS Green Ambassadors.
11. A few came forward who showed interest in taking a few OP seeds for home gardening, they were distributed.

We thank the management of Perot Systems for taking this step forward as a corporate which sets a precedent in encouraging Safe foods.

In strength and conviction, we grow to fight this ongoing battle to safeguard our food.

Thanking you

In solidarity

Kuldip Gill

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