Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Feedback after the screening at the Atmayaan in J.P Nagar, Bangalore on 11th April

Greetings from "My RIGHT TO SAFE FOOD"

Screened the updated Film "Poison on the Platter" and followed by a 20 min talk by Sangita Sharma on "Politics behind GM foods"at The Atmayaan yoga centre.

Sangita Sharma addressed a proactive audience of 50 health conscious people at the Atmayaan yoga center founded by Christopher Schaser. An enterprising team from Satya Ramana, Prabha Krishna, Dr Babita gave the centre, a vibrancy. This centre also facilitates yoga sessions to corporates by their in house certified yoga therapists.

A special note of thanks to an enterprising Anuradha Adhikari who facilitated this event with an enthusiastic Prabha Krishna. Anuradha ensured along with the Iskon Eco Agri team Mr Venkatesh and Yohesh who displayed Organic Lifestyle products like legumes, oils, spices etc versus the conventional waxed produce. Consumers viewed the difference with much interest. Annadana displayed and distributed to consumers free of charge their organic vegetable seed collection and stressed on the need to be sustainable.

Soon after we indulged in an organic snack of savouries.....

Below is the outcome of the seminar.

1. Stickers on SAY NO TO GM FOODS given to audiences to put on their vehicles
2. 50 people signed petitions to the PM
3. Audiences were requested to contribute by keeping us informed if they knew of any gathering to carry forward our awareness campiagn.
Two leads given already - Tapovan a yoga centre as well a women's forum in Koramangala will confirm dates for the screening.
4. Volunteers have come forward to help us in our campaign by distributing the material on GM foods to their co workers and friends.
5. The Director Satya of Atmayaan has also taken the responsibility of printing the GM food materials and Consumer alert to distribute it to everyone who walks into the yoga center.

We have the activities marked for the volunteers coming together to take this campaign forward to spread the awareness.

In solidarity

Kuldip Gill

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