Sunday, April 5, 2009

Shimoga awareness campaign on MY RIGHT TO SAFE FOOD on the 2nd April 2009 - 5.30 pm

Greetings from "My Right to Safe food"

Outcome of the event at Shimoga

We arrive at the Ramachandrapuram Matt at Hossanagar 75km away from Shimoga.

There we met up with Dr Krishnamoorthi who introduced Sangita Sharma to the rest of the devotees. And we were then given a quick tour of the Matt. The goushala was an eyeopener to see traditional breeds like Gir, Krishna Valley and many more that looked so majectic. A shame that today we only get to see cross breeds that are not a match to our regal breeds. The Matt has an outlet that offers a range of natural produce from kumkum, agarbathis, hair oils, medicinal oils etc.

Many locals, horticulture officers and volunteers from all over the country gathered for the Ramnaumi celebrations at the ashram. Close to 20,000 visitors visit this ashram during these 3 days.

Dr Krishnamoorthi considered this an ideal platform to address a captive audience to screen the film "Poison on the Platter" and there after followed by talk by Sangita

At around 8pm we were given the platform to show the film and address the audience.

Sangita Sharma started with a brief on “My right to safe food” and then the film “Poison on my platter” was screened to an audience of 3000 and above.

After the movie followed a 25 min talk by Sangita on the Indian vs Global scenario on GM foods, which was translated in Kannada simultaneously by a devotee of the ashram.

Simultaneously, a translated version in Kannada on GM foods were distributed to the crowd. Few of the local farmers and students bought the DVD’s.

The outcome of the Seminar was very positive and Sangita presented a kit which contained copies of relevant information on GM foods, traditional seeds, a Film in the hope that Swamiji’Shankaracharya's will extend all support towards this cause. Petitions against GM foods addressed to PM were signed. This will be forwarded to PM's office.

A learning - We realised that to address audience in districts of Karnataka the documentary “Poison on the Platter” needs to be urgently translated into Kannada, so that the message can be sent to every farmer and communities in rural areas of Karnataka. We will make all attempts to make this film available regionally.

In solidarity

Kuldip Gill

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